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Posted by The Garner Group on May 24 2017

Energy is always being consumed at any one time. It is being used for lighting and to run different kinds of appliances and machinery some of which run around the clock. For instance, refrigerators and freezers in homes and food processing and packaging plants are always on.

For this reason, energy and its cost are constantly on the minds of consumers and business owners and managers. To be more specific, clean energy is a concern.

Biofuel Companies enter the Health & Beauty Industry

In a bid to fulfill this demand which keeps growing, biofuel companies have made their foray into the health and beauty sectors. Also, prompted by the need to keep energy costs under control for the sake of the bottom line, entrepreneurs have become creative.

One strategy new companies are employing is turning manufacturing by-products into a resource that can then be sold to the beauty, lubricant, and nutraceutical industries as raw materials.

A good example of this is start-up Verdezyne with its recently announced project where BP Alternative Energy Ventures and DSM, a Dutch chemicals company, will partner with the start-up to finance a pilot plant to make adipic acid, which is used to make carpet fiber or plastic feedstock. The process of manufacturing the acid uses genetically engineered yeasts, a more environmental-friendly and more cost-effective solution than using oil to make ethanol.

Another company Amyris, a Brazilian biofuel and renewable chemical company, is doing the same. The company plans to put up a factory for manufacturing farnesene, a hydrocarbon that is also used in the manufacture of lubricants and cosmetics. The company is doing this to hedge its bioenergy franchise.

On the Rise

According to Heather Youngs, a bioenergy analyst based at the Energy Biosciences Institute at UC Berkeley, this is a trend that will continue to rise. Youngs notes that biofuels-from-algae companies are increasingly using leftover lipids from biodiesel by selling it to nutraceutical and beauty companies. The companies are using it to manufacture food and health supplements, hand cream, shampoos and other products.

Algae Energy

Another big trend is algae energy. They are a number of big project developers and technology suppliers in this field. One is AlgaEnergy. a technology firm that specializes in microalgae biotechnology with the aim of developing novel products from microalgae including nutritional or cosmetics products.

Natural Industry Jobs

As this trend continues, the landscape is changing when it comes to natural industry jobs. For one, it is expanding the industry as more and more companies get into the field of clean, renewable energy to cut costs by turning by-products into resources by can be used to manufacture health and beauty products.

Another change with natural industry jobs is that there will be more of the jobs as the trend grows.Natural industry recruiters and job seekers should certainly keep an eye on clean energy as a potential place for new openings, as well as looking towards those peripheral jobs such as natural health and beauty. 

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