Why Hiring for Regulatory Compliance Jobs is Critical in 2017

Posted by The Garner Group on Mar 1 2017


In the U.S, the dietary supplement industry is regulated. Regulation is done by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which are federal agencies. There are also government regulatory agencies in all the states. Every aspect of dietary supplements takes place under extensive and specific regulations which are issued and monitored by both of these bodies.

Apart from state and federal regulations, there is the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN). CRN member companies also have self-regulatory practices and they voluntarily agree to work by other guidelines and also the Code of Ethics laid out by CRN.

The New Order

During this campaign, President Trump clearly stated his preference for a more compact federal government. This may mean changes in the current dietary supplement regulatory framework.

The self-regulatory initiatives in the dietary supplement industry may also become more important if the President puts them ahead of federal regulations. Going by the rhetoric of his campaigns, President Trump's administration will be focused on bringing change. However, it remains to be seen the exact changes that will be enacted.

Hiring the Right Regulatory Talent in 2017

One of the ways dietary supplement manufacturers need to get ready is by starting the process of sourcing their own regulatory staff and regulatory compliance jobs. If the changes come as anticipated, there will be high demand for those who have the knowledge and experience to do self-regulation for manufacturing companies.

Starting the process of sourcing the right regulatory staff sooner rather later is important for a number of reasons:

  • Pending legislation

If President Trump does loosen state and federal regulations in favor of self-regulation, a number of scenarios could unfold. There would be fewer quality control checks and balances which could raise questions and concern from customers. Brand owners who can demonstrate to the public that their products are still being rigorously tested may retain the trust and loyalty of their customers.

  • High demand for talent

The FDA and FTC are likely to see budget cuts and layoffs. This will create an environment of high competition and potentially confusion. Even as decisions are made, supplement manufacturers can get ready by starting the search for regulatory compliance staff. If self-regulation is affected, a lot of regulatory compliance jobs will open up because every supplement manufacturer will have to assemble its own compliance staff. The high demand could push up the cost of hiring these specialists. Starting to look now will mean filling vacancies for regulatory compliance jobs at a lower cost and without rushing.

  • Continuity

Continuity should also be a concern with the ongoing legislation. If self-regulation comes into effect and regulatory compliance jobs open up creating high demand, you don't want to have to stop operations as a manufacturer because you don't a staff of regulators.

As legislation goes on, it is best to be prepared and most importantly in regard to doing self-regulation. For the sake of adaption to the new regulations, continuity and the anticipated high demand for regulatory staff, the time to start looking for the best talent is now.


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