How DNA Testing is Affecting the Nutritional Supplement Industry

Posted by The Garner Group on Sep 21 2017


The last time you went to your doctor and had bloodwork done, you probably went home with a report that outlined where you had vitamin deficiencies or high cholesterol. And if you’re like most people, you either did nothing about it at all, or you put a multivitamin into your daily routine, even if you were only deficient in one or two vitamins.

But the multivitamin that you can get is the same one that your husband, your neighbor, or your boss would buy.

The same thing is true of so many nutritional supplements. Want more protein? Add in a generic protein shake that probably includes a lot of things you aren’t looking for. Many nutritional supplements are simply one-size-fits-all. When one size really doesn’t fit all.

The Changing Tides

There are a number of companies that are looking to change the way that consumers think about and purchase nutritional supplements by customizing products using DNA and other biological testing. A few of the companies include:

  • STYR: STYR Labs uses a combination of biometric data from wearable devices and user input to develop nutritional supplements like multivitamins, protein powders, bars and juices that are unique to each individual customer.
  • Habit: Habit relies on a user-submitted blood test and DNA swab to construct their customer profiles. Once their CLIA certified and CAP accredited laboratory have assessed the results, Habit offers customized meal delivery services as well as ongoing diet coaching from registered dieticians.
  • DNAFit: In partnership with well-known DNA analysis company 23andme, DNAFit uses DNA data to create personalized nutrition reports and eating plans.

While each company has a different way of collecting user data, they all have one thing in common: personalization. From meal plans to vitamins, they are creating supplements that are unique to the biological needs of each customer. The more customers know about themselves, the more they want solutions that are specific to them, even when it comes to nutritional supplements and nutraceutical.

Nutritional Supplement Jobs Outlook

The consumer demand for science and data-backed supplementation is climbing every day. The more that research is able to be applied directly to consumer nutrition options, the more consumers will demand supplements and solutions that are specifically tailored to their own body and needs. The companies we’ve already mentioned, and more that are sure to come to market, are going to need employees seasoned in the nutritional supplement market as well as those from science backgrounds that can lend legitimacy and analysis skills to their companies. Expert executive recruiters should be aware of these types of developments in the space and ready to share their own expertise in building teams for these growing companies.

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