How a Company Culture Video Can Improve Employer Branding

Posted by SRA Admin on Dec 16 2015


When it comes to recruitment and hiring, the importance of employer branding cannot be overstated. In order to attract the best possible candidates, it is essential that companies put their own culture and values on display.

One of the best ways to do that in the internet age is through the use of corporate video. Many employer branding examples include the use of many different kinds of recruitment videos, from the silly to the heartwarming. Each type serves its own purpose, but can make an important difference in finding just the right employee to fill an open role.

Increase Reach of Employer Brand

A company culture video can help to expand the reach of an employer brand in a few different ways. Firstly, when a video is included with job postings, it can actually increase views on that job post by 12%, meaning more candidates are immediately drawn into the hiring process. Posts with videos have also been shown to attract up to 34% more applications. 

Beyond job postings, company videos are extremely easy to share and good ones can indeed 'go viral' making new prospects aware of the company far beyond the reach of a standard job posting or formal press.

Show the Reality of the Workplace

A culture video gives an employer the opportunity to show actual people in the actual environment where they work. In this case if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video can be worth even more. By showing both the physical space and the real people that work in the environment, candidates can get a much better sense of what a company is and what they value.

Add a Personal Touch

It is one thing to have an executive recruiter or hiring manager extol the virtues of a company, but it is quite another to hear it from the mouths of current employees. Many culture videos feature interviews with employees giving a day in the life accountings of their work. The most effective employer branding examples are those with a personal element like this because potential employees are able to feel a close and real connection with the people in the video.

Target Important Audiences

When an important role needs to be filled, companies need to be able to reach specific audiences who may be able to fill that role. Executive recruiters can be a help in this process, but a great video can also work wonders. Having a number of videos on file in order to be able to target, for instance, recent college graduates, can add an extra level of appeal that makes a company stay top of mind for these prospective employees.

Employer branding is a critical part of attracting the best candidates for a job. While creating a great corporate video can be an investment of both time and resources, the value of finding (and keeping) the right employee can be well worth the effort.

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