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Posted by SRA Admin on Nov 12 2015

Executive Hiring for tech savvy talent

With technology completely permeating the professional sector and new software, hardware, and terminology on every horizon, it is only natural to shift executive hiring tactics towards looking for tech savvy talent. The key is finding individuals that understand how the Internet, mobile technologies, and computers work and how they can be leveraged for business applications. There are many tactics that businesses can use to uncover technology forward hires. 

Although many companies utilize technologies such as search engine optimization, mobile apps, and even e-commerce, a recent study conducted by McKinsey and Company found that the biggest challenge to achieving success in these areas is a lack of digital talent, which makes internal leadership difficult to come by. Understanding trends and being able to adopt new technologies is a big part of this issue.

Finding Talent Right Out Of College

Many individuals who are just coming out of college have already mastered these concepts and can help businesses grow in the digital sector. It is no secret that millenials and beyond are likely the most technically advanced talent available. Once you recognize this fact, it makes perfect sense to attempt to find the tech savvy talent you are looking for as soon as they graduate from college by leveraging important millenial hiring practices. There are many talented individuals that are either getting close to graduation or have already graduated from these institutions. Take advantage of this and look at local colleges to fill your entry-level positions in technology areas of your company. You may even want to consider bringing some of them on for internships before they graduate to ensure they are are a good fit before hiring them full time. 

Utilize A Recruiting Service

Another way to find some tech savvy talent is to incorporate the services of a recruiting company into your executive hiring practices. Outsourcing your recruitment, including executive hiring, can help you find top talent that can support the key digital initiatives that you need. Expert recruiters have the benefit of a large talent pool and practiced screening techniques that can help to focus a search on technophiles and away from technophobes.

Celebrate New Ideas

If you want to retain your current tech savvy staff, one of the key components for success is the encouragement of innovation. Your staff needs to have the freedom to experiment take risks -- with technology and otherwise. Tech savvy employees are not content to let the next generation of advancements pass by and you should be sure that you encourage them to stay on the leading edge of technology in a way that supports your business objectives. You should be clear in the goals that they want your digital innovators to meet, while still allowing them the freedom to play. 

As far as attracting and hiring new tech talent, these policies can work in two-pronged way. First, you can mention them in the interview process, selling your company as a place that values technology and innovation. Second, the employees that reap the fruits of the policies can be promoters for your company brand, attracting new likeminded talent through networking. 

Create A Culture of Technology

Across the entire company, you need to promote a culture that is completely pro-digital -- both internally and during the hiring process. If this digital bent is still fairly new, you need to be sure to emphasize new digital, technologically-focused goals during the recrutiemnt process to show potential hires that you are serious about making changes and pulling your company forward into the digital age.

Remember that tech savvy employees are going to have a lot more options than their luddite counterparts, so be ready to offer the kinds of environment, perks, and social values that are important to them, even if you cannot offer the highest salary. 

An innnovative company that understands technology does not necessarily start at the very top, but you must have executive buy-in to create this kind of culture at all levels. Hiring tech savvy executives whenever possible will help to push you down the road towards the company that you want to be. 

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