Exploring the Clean Label Global Trend in the Natural Foods Movement

Posted by The Garner Group on Feb 8 2018

The days of grocery shoppers ignoring product labels are gradually disappearing. A recent survey indicated that 66% of consumers around the world check the labels to review the ingredients. Since a growing number of modern consumers are proactively looking for ways to improve their diets, they are actively seeking only those food products containing simple and natural ingredients that are familiar to them. Also referred to as clean labels, these are the products that also feature no artificial ingredients or synthetic chemicals. 

Clean Labels vs. Non-clean Labels 

There are some significant differences between clean and non-clean food labels. Although there isn’t a universal clean label currently on the market, many of today’s standard clean labels contain specific language such as “100% Natural," "Real Fruit" or "Five Servings of Vegetables.” Consumers are able to confirm whether or not the products contain unwanted ingredients like Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and anything else artificial. In addition to featuring easy-to-recognize ingredients, another quality of clean labels is transparency. More and more consumers are opting for those products with transparent packaging (clear jars, wrapping, etc.) so they are able to view some of the ingredients before purchasing. Clean symbols and the promise of freshness are also some of the other qualities of clean labels. 

The Demand for Natural Food

Since modern consumers have a variety nutritional concerns, the demand for natural food continues to grow. Natural food refers to products that aren’t processed to contain additives, preservatives or artificial flavors. Consumers are influenced by several different label characteristics, ranging from clear nutrition facts to being free from artificial additives. Consumers are also concerned with synthetic colors and artificial sweeteners. The dangers of many artificial food additives found in a variety of common products on the market have been well documented, so there is an increasing demand for colors and flavors that come from natural sources such as from fruit and vegetables.


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