Nine Steps to Filling Your Nutrition Industry Job

Posted by Ginni Garner on Apr 2 2013

nutrition industry candidateWhen you need to fix a leak in the roof, you hire an expert in roof repair. When your car breaks down, you take it to a shop that knows how to fix your type of car. And when you’re searching for that ideal nutrition industry candidate, you turn to an executive recruiter who specializes in the nutrition sector. She/he will help manage nine key recruiting steps needed to land your dream nutrition industry candidate.

Step One: Understanding your needs. This is viewed by many good recruiters as the most crucial part of the search process. There must be a mutual understanding of what kind of candidate your company is looking for. This would include technical requirements, such as education and industry background; understanding your expectations regarding job title, compensation, relocation and amount of travel; gaining clarity on what kind of culture your company possesses. “Cultural fit” is hugely important to a finding a candidate with experience and success in similar cultures or adaptability to your company’s culture.

Step Two: Engagement. The terms of an engagement agreement are worked out once you and your executive recruiter are clear on what kind of person you’re seeking.

Step Three: Position profile. This is another essential piece of the puzzle. It’s created by the executive recruiter so that you make sure that key objectives relating to your search requirements are met. At this stage, it’s also important to develop a compelling company and position narrative for prospective nutrition industry candidates that will enhance your appeal to top talent.

Step Four: Candidate identification. Your recruiter is a valuable partner, and this phase is where she really earns the investment you’ve made. Using a proprietary database as well as other tools and technologies, your recruiter will locate the most suitable candidates for you to interview. This may entail lengthy research, personal contacts and a review of hundreds of candidates. Oftentimes, the best talent is hidden, working at a position and seemingly uninterested in seeking a new opportunity. 

Step Five: Interview and debrief. Before ever presenting you with a candidate, the recruiter talks to each qualified candidate to see if they’re a good fit, serious about making a job change, willing to meet job requirements such as travel or salary; and very importantly, your recruitment expert uses her experience and intuition and listens for any “red flags” that might prove problematic.

Step Six: Reference and background checks. A good recruitment partner works as your confidential advisor and will help you sort out any questions you have about work history gaps or other areas of concern. You don’t want any unpleasant surprises down the road, and neither does the recruiter who brought you the candidate.

Step Seven: Present offer. This is a step that must be handled correctly and it helps to collaborate with your recruiter to make sure the offer is effectively and clearly presented.  

Step Eight: Resignation coaching. Top-notch executives never want to burn bridges when they resign their current position to take on your opportunity. Executive coaching during this period can help the nutrition industry candidate know how to deal with counter offers or unpleasant conversations.

Step Nine: Post-Placement follow-up. Leading nutrition industry recruiters take the time to follow up with the new executive hire and the hiring client to ensure that everything is working out well; and if not, to develop a rapid plan of action to deal with unforeseen issues.

Find your ideal executive hire by partnering with an executive recruiter who thoroughly understands your industry. How can we help?


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