6 Reasons You Should Hire an Executive Recruiter

Posted by Ginni Garner on Mar 19 2013

Executive RecruiterIf you're like most busy executives today, you don't really want to get involved in a search for top talent; it's often time-consuming and confusing and sometimes, despite everyone's best efforts, the wrong person is hired.  Yet you know how important it is to put the right management team in place so the organization can move forward and achieve key goals.  

Did you know that many companies turn to an executive recruiter to help them find and entice top talent?  It's a sound business move used by top organizations. Here are six reasons why they do it and you should too:

  1. Expertise and experience. You wouldn't hire a rookie to upgrade your IT system or manage your regulatory affairs. Unless your HR department has serious bandwidth, the skills and experience of an executive recruiter will likely bring you better candidates, more quickly, than in-house staff.
  2. Global reach. This is not just a catchy phrase that recruiters like to throw at you. China, India, Brazil and other countries are emerging as important sources for jobs, business opportunities and talent sources. The top-notch executive recruiter has her pulse on the global market and the contacts to interface with other regions of the world. When you're looking for a recruitment firm, evaluate where their offices are located - those with sites in North America, Europe, and Asia have a big advantage in finding top talent across the globe.
  3. Niche specialization.  If you've ever tried to explain your industry and its nuances to someone outside it, you know that this takes lots of time and effort. Increasingly, recruitment firms are specialists, with companies that focus only on your specific sector. They know the businesses and the key talent because they invest their time to network, interface and connect with people in your industry. This knowledge makes a big difference in the quality and speed of candidate placement.
  4. Quality of the network. If you don't know where to look, you'll never find the hidden treasure. This is one of the main reasons for using an executive recruiter. Their job is to know who does what for whom and who might be enticed to leave their current role and join you. A good recruiter has an extensive database of contacts that is continually refreshed and refined. If you need a top marketing executive with at least 10 years of experience in the natural/organic foods sector, who is willing to relocate to the West Coast and doesn't need a company culture with lots of showy executive perks,  the right recruiter will search her network and come up with a list of qualified candidates.
  5. Professional and objective advice. Just as you sometimes need the services of an attorney to help you with a legal issue, so too, the recruiter will provide advice and feedback on your hiring requirements. He or she can help you clearly understand your needs and expectations and help you develop a job description that clearly outlines position needs as well as 'sells' the company and opportunity to top talent.
  6. Cost-effective investment. Consider the services of an executive recruiter as an investment in improving your company's bottom line performance. It's well documented that a bad executive hire costs big sums in lost opportunities, bad decisions, and poor morale. A recruiter greatly minimizes the chances of a disastrous hire.

Depth of knowledge;  professional approach; global reach; cost-effectiveness. Why wouldn't you enlist the help of an executive recruiter?


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