Demand for International Expertise Growing in Nutritional and Natural Products Industry

Posted by Ginni Garner on Sep 18 2012

Demand for International Expertise Growing in Nutritional and Natural Products IndustryYou’re fortunate to be part of an industry that’s showing real strength in 2012 and beyond. Increasing global interest in healthier nutrition and natural products is driving up sales, profits – and demand for globally-experienced executives. If you have international expertise in the nutrition and natural products industry, you’re likely to have lots of job opportunities in the coming years. Let’s look at some key regional and product trends:

·         Dominant China

With a rapidly growing middle class, desire for Western products, and greater interest in healthy living, China is undoubtedly one of the most critical markets for the nutrition and natural products industry. The nutrition market grew to $144 billion last year and is expected to grow at a double-digit pace for many years. Further, its 1.3 billion people have driven the dietary supplement market to $11 billion. According to one report, by 2020, China will be the largest global producer and consumer of nutraceutical ingredients.

·         Growing India

Botanicals are big business in India, due in large part to the long tradition of herbal medicine in this country. India is expected to become the 5th largest world economy by 2020, from its current position as 10th. Already a big exporter of natural products, especially herbs and botanicals, India is also forecasted to become a bigger consumer of naturals as well, as its population sees higher incomes.

·         Emerging Brazil

Some industry watchers believe Brazil has great potential for the natural products industry. With 195 million people, explosive middle class growth, rich natural resources, and worldwide attention arising from the 2016 Summer Olympics, many think Brazil is the next big breakout market.

·         Gluten-free products

This is still a hot trend that shows no signs of cooling down. Globally, the market reached sales of $2 billion in 2011; it’s expected to show a compound annual growth rate of between 15 and 30 percent through 2017.

·         Natural personal care and nutraceuticals

The Asian market (including China) for natural personal care products is increasing by over 15 percent, due in large measure to recent health scares in the region (i.e. SARS, Avian flu, and adulterated foods). With few Asian companies in this market, Western products are in high demand, in particular those from Australia, Europe and the U.S. Further, the adulterated-food scandals that hit this region have led to rewriting of supplement regulations, opening the door for U.S. companies to enter this huge market.

·         Herbs and botanicals

These products achieved some of the fastest growth statistics within the overall nutraceutical sector, according to one study. From a $33 billion market in 2010 to an expected $93 billion market in 2015, it’s clear to many industry watchers that this is a big growth sector for the foreseeable future.

We see many global job opportunities given these trends:

·         New market expansion skills,

·         Expertise in China, India and Brazil markets,

·         Western product importing and management,

·         Global sales  

·         Technical expertise to affect regulatory initiatives and natural product policy.

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