Healthy is Hot...Why that's good for the Natural Products Jobs Market

Posted by Ginni Garner on Oct 25 2016

Healthy is Hot and That's Good for the Natural Products Jobs MarketThe whole food/healthy living movement, once the passion of a small segment of the overall consumer population, has gone mainstream over the past few years. Some call it the “Dr. Oz” effect, pointing to this popular physician’s impact on educating the general public about healthy living and eating choices. Too, the increasing awareness of adult and youth obesity trends as well as an aging demographic interested in staying healthy contribute to a growing industry. Functional foods (omega-3-fatty acids for example), gluten-free products and dietary supplements are hot trends in the market right now. In general, the consumer health products industry includes dietary supplements, neutraceuticals, OTC health products, ingredients and raw materials and natural food and beverages.

Because “healthy is hot,” look for expanding opportunities in the natural products jobs market. Expected to show growth of between 5 and 10 percent, many companies within this industry are looking for key talent to help them move from their early start-up, “mom and pop” phase to a more mature stage.

Here are five key trends in the natural products jobs market:

  • Hiring in natural products and dietary supplements segments increased across all functions over this past year. The biggest increase in demand is for sales, account and territory management, as well as science/technology skills.
  • Continued market growth and start-ups are fueling much of the increased opportunities for natural products jobs.
  • Increased hiring in the pharmaceutical and large consumer products companies is occurring as these companies move into the functional foods, natural/organic, weight management, and vitamin/mineral/supplement sectors.
  • There is increased demand for globally experienced executives, especially those with experience in China and India. This is because as companies in these sectors – especially the dietary supplement and food/nutritional ingredients – expand, those with international skill sets are in high demand.
  • Knowledge of regulatory practices is increasingly important, due to increased FDA scrutiny, particularly on the dietary supplement market.

Understanding the market and finding the right talent for your key position is critical as the industry grows and as companies increasingly compete for top talent.

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