Ginni Garner on the Natural Products Industry Job Market

Posted by Ginni Garner on Mar 26 2012

Interview With Ginni Garner

By Sheldon
Health E-Insights: What’s the state of the natural products industry job market?
Ms. Garner: Hiring in the natural products and dietary supplement industry has increased across all functions in the last year. We have noticed a significant demand in hiring requests from clients who are looking to either add a new team member or replace a team member with a strategic hire. I have also heard from job seekers who are now considering multiple opportunities where last year it may have been one or two.
Health E-Insights: What types of positions are being filled? 
Ms. Garner: The strongest demand in the marketplace is coming from companies hiring for sales, account and territory management. Companies are looking for candidates who have sales experience in the natural, direct and retail channels. Science and technical skills follow second in employer demand. Requests for R&D, chemistry and product development and formulation are strong. Third on the list of positions being filled are marketing, regulatory, quality and operations management.
Health E-Insights: Are jobs more plentiful in specific geographical locations? 
Ms. Garner: About 30% of the hiring requests are coming from companies in California which would be expected with such a significant number of natural products and dietary supplement companies headquartered in California. Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, Texas and Utah also have considerable job openings.
Health E-Insights: Are salaries in the rise?
Ms. Garner: Over the last two years salaries have remained constant or even in some cases, I have seen compensation packages decrease. Sales and marketing salaries have been particularly affected due to organizational restructure and downsizing.  However, with an increase in demand for scientific and technical professionals, companies are often being forced to hire at the top of the range and even offer sign-on bonuses to attract the right talent. I expect over the next several years, salaries for scientific, R&D and regulatory positions will increase due to the demand for those skills. 
Health E-Insights: Do companies prefer consultants rather than full-time hires?
Ms. Garner: My firm’s recruitment services focus almost exclusively on providing talent for full-time opportunities. However, due to the fact that there are many entrepreneurial ventures in this sector, smaller companies utilize consultants quite often. From my perspective, once an organization grows past the early start-up stage and they have consistent revenue, they will hire full-time employees.
Health E-Insights: Any predictions for the future?
Ms. Garner: Barring any major changes in legislation, I expect hiring in this sector to continue and even increase over the next couple of years. The industry as a whole is growing. Talented sales professionals are always in demand. Over the last six months, there has been a significant demand for regulatory and quality professionals and I expect that to continue as the industry faces increased scrutiny from the government. Scientific and R&D hiring will also remain strong to fuel product development and innovation.
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