Organizations Prefer Executive Search to Recruit Top Management

Posted by Ginni Garner on Nov 7 2011

AESC’s Worldwide Senior Executive Recruitment Survey Provides Good Report Card on the Value of Retained Executive Search Consulting

The worldwide Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) today released its bi-annual report of client satisfaction levels with retained executive search consulting. Overall, respondents endorsed the differentiated value of retained executive search and its contribution as a high end consulting service for the recruitment of top management.

In the higher compensation ranges - above $200,000 - 82% of client organizations continue to view retained executive search as their preferred method of recruiting senior executives, in spite of the increasing growth of in-house executive search departments and the widespread use of social media to identify candidates.

AESC President, Peter Felix, commented: “In its sweet spot, at the higher end of the market, retained executive search is not only relied upon almost exclusively - as com­pared with other methods of recruiting - to conduct the most challenging and important searches, but is also well regard­ed. Our survey this year showed very high levels of satisfaction from clients, especially in relation to confidentiality, cross border search, and the provision of professional process and market intelligence. While clients were also open about changes they would like to see, the search profession should be pleased with the findings.”

The survey received 222 responses from around the world from HR executives and others responsible for executive search, at a wide range of organizations both above and below $1billion in revenue.

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