Employee Engagement - Why it Matters

Posted by Ginni Garner on Jul 11 2011

In a previous article on employee retention, we explored non-monetary factors that motivate employees in their career decisions.  These factors may also play an important role in combating another problem facing many organizations worldwide – disengaged employees.  Beyond increased turnover, apathetic and disengaged employees create a host of other issues for companies, like decreased productivity and employee morale. 

employee engagement

Widespread Global Issue

In a recently published survey, Mercer LLC found that 32% of employees in the United States are seriously considering leaving their company and another 21% would not commit to staying or leaving.  Therefore, over half of the employees in the United States are not committed to their current employer.  This phenomenon is not unique to the US.  The Employee Engagement Report 2011 published by BlessingWhite, Inc. found that only 31% of employees worldwide are engaged and only 61% of employees worldwide plan to remain with their current organization for the next twelve months.  According to the BlessingWhite report, India had the highest percentage of engaged employees (37%) and China the least (17%) with North America and Europe in the middle (33% and 30% respectively).  These findings make it clear that many organizations around the world are faced with the challenge of motivating and inspiring the majority of their workforces.

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