6 Hiring Myths that Top Executive Recruiters Don't Believe

Posted by SRA Admin on Aug 12 2015


Hiring employees is one of the most basic function of any business, so it makes sense that there is a lot of information available on and offline for how to do it. But like most topics, not all the information is good information. Here are six things some people believe about hiring that may be doing them a disservice.

1. Only Big Companies Need Recruiters

Whether you engage a recruiter on a per position basis or have one on retainer, there is an investment element to using a recruiter for hiring. This can make smaller companies think that they don't need to bother with the extra expense, but the truth is that recruiters can work wonders with small companies. In fact, a smaller company relies more heavily on each employee, which means that finding the perfect one is even more important to staying true to the company's core values and ensuring the office continues to run smoothly.

2. Not All Positions Need a Recruiter to Fill

The fact is that if you're hiring an employee, it means there is a role to fill and tasks to accomplish. Don't you want to best possible person in that job? While it might seem to make more sense to spend your recruitment dollars on execultive level roles, your business is built on the foundation of a whole team that works together and a single weak link can decrease efficiency and cost you money. It's worth it to spend the time filling every position with the right person for the job.

3. Hiring Based on Connections and Referrals is the Best Option

Sometimes you can find a great hire through employee referrals or networking. But relying too heavily on this type of recruiting can mean overlooking a lot of great candidates. Not to mention, employees recommending friends or family may not have the best perspective on that person's actual skillset.

Even top executive recruiters know that the best candidate is not always already part of their network, which is why they dedicate so many resources to seeking out and evaluating top talent for every position. The best recruiters are willing to put in the extra hours to find the best fit.

4. Paying More Leads to Better Candidates

Of course compensation is a key factor when it comes to hiring, but it is certainly not the only reason that top talent considers a job. In fact, in the healthcare industry alone 66% of workers would be willing to accept less money for a great culture. For their part, 52% of millennials say that growth opportunities are more important to them than compensation packages. Clearly, companies need to offer something more - from flexible hours to strong corporate responsibility to a great culture - in order to attract the best talent. More money is good, but it's not necessarily a requirement.

5. Our Process Can't Be Improved

If you've hired effectively in the past, you might think you don't need outside help because your process clearly works. But one study showed most interview processes are only around 57% effective in predicting the future success of the employee. That leaves a lot of room for improvement and working with an executive recruiter can definitely be a worthwhile investment in making that improvement.

6. The Perfect Hire is Always Out There

Top executive recruiters work to find the best possible person to fill an open role. That means someone who will fit into the corporate culture, communicate effectively, and bring a fresh perspective and proven skill set. But perfection is rarely possible. Someone who is a great fit may not have the exact qualifications the job description lays out. Someone with the ideal background may not work within the company culture. The perfect fit on paper is rarely the perfect fit in reality. If you keep waiting for someone who ticks every single box, fits within the hiring budget, and has the charisma of a motivational speaker, you may end up waiting forever, which will cost you time and money.

It can be difficult to overcome some deeply held myths, but working with a top executive recruiter is a great way to ensure that you are going through the right process to find the best talent for the job.

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