Defining Corporate Culture

How to Dissect a Company's Personality

What is corporate culture?

As an executive search and recruitment consultant is my job to not only find candidates with the right experience for my clients but, they must also be able to fit into the culture of the organization.

Corporate culture describes the psychology, attitudes, experiences, beliefs and values (both personal and cultural) of an organization.

They can be observed in the following categories:

  • Pace of work
  • Percentage of focus on short vs. long term goals
  • Management’s communication style with staff
  • Competition vs. cooperation
  • Team vs. individual orientation
  • Creative vs. analytical
  • Intense vs. relaxed
  • ‘Normal’ working hours
  • Acknowledgment and praise
  • Philosophy on work life balance
  • Age of the workforce
  • Dress code
  • Ethics

Often times I will survey a new client to obtain their own perception of their organization's culture. Then, I ask them to share the survey with their management team to see how similar they each see the organization.

The cultural assessment is a useful tool to help determine whether a candidates 'fit' the organization. If a candidate's answers are in line wtih my client's management team, I know we have just completed another piece of the hiring puzzle.