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Five Factors to Look for in a Recruiting Firm

Hopefully we’ve convinced you by this point to consider the services of an executive recruitment firm.

Here are five factors you should consider as you begin your search:

  1. Expertise in your industry

Look for a recruitment firm that knows the ins and outs of the employment market and is tapped into the insider information in your specific industry. While good talent can be drawn from other industries, be careful about contracting with a recruiter who doesn’t have a long track record and connections in the you industry and sector. Ask them to give you a brief summary of what’s going on in your industry, who the key players are, what opportunities and challenges are emerging, and what hiring trends are significant. In short, test their knowledge of your industry.

  1. It’s all about connections

When seeking a recruiter for your position opening, find out how they develop a candidate target list within your industry. Where do they meet these individuals? How do they network? What industry associations and tradeshows do they belong to? Throw out a name in the industry and see if the recruiter knows who this person is, where she works and what her role and reputation is at the company.

  1. Global presence

Our world is an interdependent global marketplace and it becomes ‘smaller and flatter’ each day. More and more top talent is coming from overseas; technical skills in particular are strong in many Asian countries. It’s important for you to work with a recruiter that has a strong global reach so they can access all corners of the globe in their search for your ideal hire.

  1. Longevity

While length of time in business doesn’t always equate to excellent performance, it’s an important metric for consultants in the executive recruitment industry. The longer a consultant works in an industry niche, the stronger you can expect their network and their knowledge of where and how to find the top talent. A reputable search firm will have significant repeat business from client companies, a good reputation in industry circles and a track record of successful placements.

  1. Candidate-company matching process

Finding that one right person for your position isn’t a matter of random luck for a good recruiting firm. Ask about the process that is used to match a candidate’s skill set, employment background and management style to your specific position requirements. How many interviews does the firm conduct before presenting a candidate? Do they meet personally or video interview the finalist candidates? When do they call references?