The CEO's Guide to Talent Acquisition

Finding Talent Your Competition Overlooks
By Ginni Garner, Tim Tolan and Russ Riendeau

As a business leader, do you often struggle with determining who to hire? How to hire? How to retain the talent you have?

Identifying, attracting, and retaining executives is your most important initiative in the next decade of explosive change in business. Are you prepared?

The CEO’s Guide to Talent Acquisition is an engaging, lightning-fast, insightful book that delivers the ideas, insights and metrics to help you determine who to hire, how to hire and how to keep them.

Filled with personal stories from Ginni Garner, Tim Tolan and Russ Riendeau, three career executive search professional, this book delivers ideas you can implement now. 

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Did you know that:
  • Talent acquisition and retention is the #1 issue CEOs face today
  • Effective interview skills for executives are the most difficult to develop, yet the most neglected training in corporate America today
  • Finding top executives is harder than ever in our technology-driven world
  • Your success as a leader is judged by the company you keep
Let the CEO's Guide to Talent Acquisition help you with your most challenging business problem.

Testimonial from

Like a good travel guide, this talent acquisition guide is full of great ideas in bite size 150-200 word topics. The hiring and employee RETENTION game is definitely changing with the our dramatically changing demographics and this little book is full of easy to implement ideas to do today which will make an impact quickly.It goes chronologically through : Attracting Talent, Who to Hire, How to Hire, Managing and Retaining Top Talent and then Sustaining, or in their term: Staying Sharp

It is a very easy read with a good dose of humor to boot!